Friday, June 8, 2007

Visit From the In-Laws

Help me.

Someone please get me out of here.

I am a prisoner in my own home.

First they kicked me out of my room. They won't sleep on our new $1400 futon.

Now there's a Bill O'Reilly book on my dining room table.

What's next? A testifying intervention? "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, Claire? Huh? HUH???? Are we going to see you in heaven??"

They've talked about zits and shingles and they don't know what wheatgrass is and I am trying to keep from running away for the weekend but I don't know if I'll succeed.


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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I am sorry for your pain. I can relate totally. After almost 10 years of marriage (second marriage), I've decided that I am not willing to travel 14 hours twice a year to visit these people who know no boundaries. The mother criticizes and chews with her mouth open (she's supposed to be ), doesn't like the way our kitchen is laid out. I just won't have that in my house. I'm 47. I already had the great mother-in-law. This one is a self-absorbed dud who eats cashews and drinks wine and thinks about her next shopping trip.