Monday, July 16, 2007

I Must Be Insane

I have committed to a forty-miles-each-way bike trip. In ten or so short days, I will be expected to sit my wide ass on a bike and pedal it, steadily, for forty effin' miles. At which point I finally get to rest and take a little ferry ride to a hardly-inhabited island, upon which we (D., other friend D., and I, plus whoever else is silly enough to come along) will relax for a few days. We'll be riding the bikes anywhere we need to go on the island, as well.

Preliminary Shopping list:
Padded butt bike shorts
Several cute and colorful bike-type shirts so I don't look like the amateur I am
Anti-chafe cream
Tissues to catch my tears and blow my nose after I fall down and weep
Personal battery-operated fan w/mount for handlebars
Bug Spray (we have a few gnat-like creatures in the woods)
Many, many blinking lights and reflectors
Super strong pain relief, like Aleve or morphine
Some of those Icy Hot back wrap things that I can wear all day
Alcohol (the drinking kind)

I need more time to prepare for this, but if we put it off too long, it won't happen. Still, there is time to contract any number of minor illnesses that will keep me in bed where I belong.

Or I could ride my bike everywhere I go for the next two weeks, try to lose a teency bit of extra weight, and be (more than I am now) ready for a great ride.

I am, after all, in pursuit of the BEST SUMMER EVER and this trip will definitely be one to remember.

Keep you posted, n'kay?

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