Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lose Weight, Exercise More, Blah, Blah, Blah

My 2009 resolutions are short and sweet. No major improvements needed? Hell, yes, there are. But I'm taking it easy on myself. Overreaching is overrated.

  1. Make Money With My New Business
    This is a biggie. We sold our business last July, with a financial cushion to hold us over for about a year while we launched our new businesses. That cushion was based on the new owner of our business paying us a nice chunk of money (also known as "the mortgage") every month, beginning January 1. Now it looks like that monthly payment is everything but happening. Thus, earning income from my freelance copywriting business is ever more important.

  2. Cut Back on Spending
    See above.

  3. Lose The Damn Weight
    By eating more veggies and fruit.
    By eating less sugar and flour.
    By training for a half marathon in April.
    By getting outside for more adventures.
    By being accountable. And it starts here: 28 pounds, people. 28 pounds.
    It's a health issue. I'm not being my body's best friend. And who else will be?

  4. Write, Write, Write
    My parents' life stories
    My blog
    My novel
    My clients' work

That'll do me.


Mary Alice said...

I'm pulling for ya. All good goals.

Cha Cha said...

You can do them all! Your cheering section is right here ... chewing gum, flirting with the cute boy in the first row, and hoping you don't ask us to do the splits. But we're here. Go, Claire!

Anonymous said...

I'm here in the cheap seats, cheering you, can u lose a few extra pounds for moi?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Worthwhile endeavors all. Good luck.

Sheila @ Dr said...

Write write write! I can't wait. I love your style.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I think your last year's resolutions were more entertaining! Clean out the litter box! I love that one. I've been trying to clean ours out every day but sometimes I just don't WANT TO! :)

Claire B. said...

Oh, ladies, I'm happy and smiling at your support. I'm picturing Cha Cha and Hay on the bleachers (did you know I used to be a cheerleader?) and it's so awesome to have all your wind-beneath-my-wings and stuff.

And Jen, I agree with you about last year's resolutions. But I was a mess, and I needed to resolve to do the simplest chores! And who really WANTS to clean out the LB? Ugh. They can't do it themselves, right? Not that they would of course.

Sojourner said...

Love yourself! That's what makes it all happen-at least that's what Oprah says. :)

But seriously it does help.
I am cheering you on as well. Will you cheer me on too? Gonna try to lose 20 pounds this year.