Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flirty Pretty Things

Has this ever happened to you? You’re scrounging around in your lingerie drawer, reaching behind the most used items (Spanx, control top tights, and warm socks, am I right?) for something action-appropriate to wear; you’re tossing them on the bed as you go, when suddenly, you’re feeling wooden drawers instead of silk and lace. Hard wooden drawers. And you realize there weren’t that many in here.

If you’re like me, you stare sort of blindly at the meager pickings with a "Whaaat?" sort of expression on your face. Then you concentrate and decide to look through more drawers. I must have reorganized, you might tell yourself. Don’t I have lots of little lacy and silky and spaghetti-strappy pieces to choose from? Hello, I used to wear them all the time! Where the ffff did they go?! You might think.

Then you realize you can’t even remember what that one little black lace overlay one-piece doodad was called. [Hint: it’s a teddy.] Oh, yeah.

Again, and only if you’re like me, you begin to wonder when all the lacy pretty underthings were replaced with full-coverage, uplifting, high-tech bras and solid color, 100% cotton, high-leg briefs and bikinis. Perhaps you, too, have slid into the same-five-basic-colors-(pink, ivory, white, black, buff)-different-day routine.

So I ask you: Why aren’t we wearing our lacy undies? Is it work, stress, family, boredom? Or laziness, time flying by, out of practice? Is it possible to not do something so often that it becomes an unhabit? And does a little piece of our brains then close off, never to open again?

How sad would that be?

If you're like me, you managed to find something to tide yourself over for the night, all the while resolving to buy some new pretties real soon. Because didn't we love wearing them? I wish I knew why I stopped.

5 comments: said...

I AGREE! And I have one more reason to add, Expensive! The fancier they are the more you pay! Don't you think?

Mary Alice said...

Cause we got lazy. Same reason our husbands stopped doing special little wooing things. Lazy, lazy, lazy....and feeling like we don't need to make the extra effort.....which maybe we dont...but life is a hell of a lot more fun when we do!

Go get yourself some sassy new panties.

Mrs. G. said...

Now that I think about it I don't think I have anything "action ready". I have trained my husband to be turned on by flannel.

Claire B. said...

Expensive and lazy--yup! And Mrs. G., I'm sure you rock a pair of flannels! Another problem is that D and I spend a LOT of time together, running businesses and now working at home in adjoining offices. No absences to make the heart (and areas due south) grow fonder. I so enjoyed your readers' comments on their sex lives, Mrs. G.

I think it's worth working for! I'm not dead yet! Victoria's Secret, (clearance sale) here I come!

Nora said...

I picked someone who I knew would appreciate me for my cotton (so lazy!). I never looked so good in lacy things anyway.