Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm So Glad The Bitch Is Gone

And the drama continued. . . for a little while. After not-so-loyal employee M. declared her acceptance of a job offer "she couldn't turn down," I was pissed. I vented and bitched to anyone who would listen. What the hell? How could someone use people (me and the hub for instance) so easily and then, KNOWING that leaving their employ puts them in difficult spot (like they don't get to take a vacation this year because now that you were trained properly you fucking QUIT) leave anyway?

I know I'm from another generation. Well, baby boomers, I'm here to tell you that we completely rock. Thank god we got a semblance of work ethic from our parents because the exes and whys are little self-absorbed brats with no idea how they should act in the world. NO idea whatsoever.

I think D. is an X-er. In fact, a lot of my friends (all younger than me, isn't everyone?) are X-ers. They have very good work habits and ethics, so let me rephrase: it's the twenty-somethings, who IN MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE are completely at a loss when it comes to comprehending how to conduct oneself in the workplace. Overheard recently by one who works about 35 hours per week: We work way too much.

Continuing my saga: the day after Miss Thang announced her departure, I was ready to show her the door. She lied to us, after all. I do not deserve that. No one does. I don't care how you interview for your next job, but try to avoid the lying to the person who is currently making the whole Food, Shelter, Clothing thing possible for you, n'kay? Do not insult my intelligence.

Then I noticed that her computer monitor was currently occupied by a game of Solitaire. Very nice. Are you playing SOLITAIRE? I asked incredulously. Get this: her answer was well, I was until HE (CUSTOMER) came in. Wrong answer, honey. D. and I invited her into our office, told her either work your two weeks or don't be here, thanks for the disrespect by the way, and what do you plan to do? "I'm sorry, I want to be here. I'm really sorry." Fine, go along now.

M. went to lunch shortly thereafter.

She never came back.

She didn't come back! No calls, no emails, no nothin'.

A couple of hours after she left, she texted a co-worker "I'm not coming back. Come and get my key." Yes, we trust losers like this with keys to our business.

D. called her cell. Not surprisingly, no answer. Bring your key back TODAY and by the way, I'm SHOCKED at your behavior.

A little while later her MOTHER shows up with the key.

I can only imagine the look on MY mom's face if I asked her, "Oh, I quit my job and today they made me angry, so I'm not going back EVER, and oh, will you please please please take this key back to the mean people who have paid me very well and paid my health insurance and all kinds of bonuses and helped me move a few weeks back? Please mom?"

Mmmmm hmmmmmm. My mom would have kick my butt all the way down the street and grounded me for life before she'd have done that.

Spoiled. Coddled. Spineless. Unappreciative. Insipid.

I'm so glad she's gone. And now, I'm done bitching about it.

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Oh, The Joys said...

Her mom bringing the key back is hilarious!