Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Boot Camp Thoughts

I really, truly, totally enjoyed Boot Camp today! How far I have come. I like my classmates (teammates? cell mates?) quite a bit--they're all nice and encouraging and all. One guy, however, is difficult to be near, due to his *odor*. Ick. Like not breathing through my nose when I'm within ten feet of his visible aura.

Today we had to run, one at a time, up a very long staircase. When I reached the top, I threw my fists in the air and jumped up and down. I'm such a cheeseball.

I think I have muscles growing. It's been a really long time since I felt them. Maybe five or six or eight years, even. Did I have muscles when I met D.?

Me: "Did I have muscles when we met?"

D: "I can't say that I remember."

Hmmm. Is that good or bad?

Me: "Do I have muscles now?"

D: "I'd say you're getting some muscles."

I'd say, a bit guarded, yes? If he would say or could not say, then why not say or not say?

Besides, it wasn't that many hours ago that I made him feel my biceps. "Feel this, feel this!"

Correct answer: "You were a babe when we met, and are even more so today with your ripped and cut musculature."

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