Monday, February 18, 2008

Can't Stop Thinking About William

A precious little boy from our town is missing. He's been missing since Friday from a rocky shoreline on Vancouver Island. Little William was with his parents, on the beach, and he just disappeared.

He's the same age as Anna--my most favorite, adored, precocious niece. And our godson, Jake, is seven too. He's the same age as all the seven year old little boys and girls, and you know that's such a lovely, sweet age. He's only seven, and he's in big trouble.

I imagine all of his little friends are missing him, too, at the Montessori school that sits high up on the hill so the kids can see the bay and the islands beyond.

His parents must be experiencing the most horrifying type of anguish. His aunts and uncles and grandparents are likely worried beyond belief. His teachers, schoolmates and their parents are probably sick at heart. His community here, and the amazing people on Vancouver Island who have been searching for days are hopeful and numb at the same time.

Won't you send the family some good thoughts today? If you're the praying kind, then as many as you can muster would probably help, too.

I won't stop thinking about William today.


Jan said...

God, how horrible. Poor William, and poor William's parents.

Anonymous said...

Oh Claire,
Truly, truly awful. I will be thinking of poor William, please let us know when you hear something.

Mrs. G. said...

I've been thinking about him and his family too. I saw last night on the news that authorities have reason to believe that he might still be alive. He's in my thoughts today as well.

Professor J said...

Ho, how awful. I will think of William as well.