Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Good News Today

The little boy lost is apparently gone now.

My heart has been broken for this boy and his family. Thank you, dear readers, for caring about this sweet little one. While none of us know them, they are a part of the larger family we share by inhabiting this earth together on this day in this time. And a loss like this touches many.

Sometimes the unthinkable is unavoidable. Is it possible to hold your little ones any closer?


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the 'what ifs', the regrets, the anguish and the pain those parents are going through. I hope I never have to. So sad, heart breaking.

Professor J said...

Ah, man. That is so tough. I will hold his parents in the light.

Nora Bee said...

Oh, my heart.

Queeny said...

Count that as my biggest fear -- the idea of losing one of my babies; the idea of not being able to hold them close and say I love you. I so desperately pray -- right now, Lord -- that the little one is returned to his parents safe and sound.