Friday, November 9, 2007

It's All Good

I am a lucky woman. I come from a large family. We were all raised Catholic, and apart from our parents, none of us participate in the Catholic part any longer

And that's okay.

I am in upstate NY this weekend, celebrating my parents' 60th anniversary. Most of my siblings are here, along with lots of nieces and nephews. We are eating well, and drinking some really nice Pale Ale. We are yakking and laughing over old oft-told tales until our mouths hurt and sides ache.

Somehow, we all get along really well. Somehow, we really love each other, despite our differences, which are few. Most of us are like-minded politcally, socially, intellectually. Many of us share a love of beer. We love our siblings' spouses and children. As one of my brothers would say "It's All Good." No matter what's going on, who's going through difficulties, and how our successes or failures stack up against each others', it's all good. And if you ask any of us, each would answer that the "somehow" that made the difference in our lives is our parents. They could not have done a better job raising all of us and the results are amazing.

We're healthy, happy, and here. No one is ill. Our parents are vital, and still very much in love. They are best friends.

We are incredibly lucky. And trying to hold onto it while we can. Someday, and who knows when, I won't be able to say that.


John said...

I enjoyed the posts that I read of yours, I found them warm and humourous and I think you write well. I liked the earlier post also about the mayor elections. Most of us in this part of the world ( Australia) don't really give a stuff about who is or who wants to be the mayor either. A lot of us tend to adopt the cynical view that they are all tarred with the same brush anyway. I hope you get lot's more time with those who matter to you the most, those on 2 and those on 4 legs and more writing time. Cheers.

Oh, The Joys said...

You ARE lucky!!