Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Method Mopping for Me

Ok, I admit it. I’m a clever-marketing sucker. I adore great design, smart packaging, and clever advertising. I am a fan of any good idea that I wish I’d thought of.

Enter the Method line of soaps, household cleaners, gels, sprays, candles, scent sticks, air fresheners, and on and on. So, they should have probably stopped with the new lines of products several products ago (hello? Seasonal scented hand soap? Give me a break.), but I was still willing to buy their stuff because it’s cute and safe for me and not tested on animals which is the MOST important aspect of anything I buy.

Take their floor cleaning system, for instance. I am not a fan of the traditional mop, and I’ve tried every type ever made: classic cotton mop-head mops, twisty stripey fabric mops, the dreaded sponge mop—you name it, I have purchased it, hated it, and thrown it away. Except for the Swiffer Wet Jet, a dumb name for what I judged as a wasteful product. I’m not into the disposable thing.

The Method O mop looked like it made so much more sense: one mop handle, plus compostable (huge bonus) dusting wipes for my endless animal-hair-covered wood floors, and a micro-fiber cleaning mop that velcroes in place and is washable and reusable. Voila! I happily placed the little kit in my cart and couldn’t wait to use it. I’m a cleaning dork like that.

Well, the Method guys have disappointed me for the first time. Suck me in if you will, but you MUST give me a quality product that works, or your clever marketing is just that and I will lose all respect for you.

The dust clothes work just fine, and the fact that I’m disposing them in my compost pile makes me feel all righteous and stuff. But the moppy thing is for the birds. (Hmm. Strange saying, that.) Pushes forward ok, as a mop should, but when you pull it back toward yourself, the whole head flips over and gets stuck. It is impossible—at least for me—to mop with this product in a normal back-and-forth motion.

Sigh. When will my search for mopping perfection ever end? Must I invent it myself? And what would that look like? Someone mopping my floors while I write novels, that’s what.


cajenalry said...

I was also disappointed by this mop. I was excited when I thought I was getting a good "green" mop. However, it flips and turns every which way for me too. Have you found a mop that you like yet? I'm in search of a new one too. :)

Claire B. said...

Hi Cajenalry,
Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't use this thing properly. And my friends are tired of hearing about it :-)

No, I haven't found MY mop yet. The search continues. . .

Tried to email you, by the way and couldn't find an email or your blog to post on.

Melodi said...

Hi Claire, Like you I have hated every mop and thought the new method was a grea idea-expensive but great-one short month after buying it the handle broke off while I was using it-also noticed worn stress spots on floor piece where it meets the handle. I have been unable to contact anyone directly to complain.

Anonymous said...

I actually wrote an email to method and they asked me to send them the receipt and photos of the broken mop. So I scanned a copy of the receipt and took some digital photos and emailed them on over and they sent me a coupon for a whole new mop. Well the other day that mop broke as well so looks like another letter is coming their way:(

ajonese2 said...

I thnk you so much for your post. I was going to buy the method mop and now have decided on the leifheit pico spray mop instead. It is a spray mop that you can put your own cleaner in and has a reusable pad that can be washed when needed. I hope this turns out to be my perfect mop!