Monday, January 7, 2008

Reading, Not Writing

  • It was written by David James Duncan [not to be confused with all of the other David Duncans out there, like this one, who looks like a nice photographer guy, this one, who wore out the shredders at Arthur Anderson getting rid of Enron evidence., or this one, who was a prolific screenwriter (The Time Machine) and died in Everett, WA, just down the road a piece.]
  • It weighs 1.1 lbs (.4989 kilos for our metric friends).
  • It contains 656 pages of text. (No pictures! No illustrations!)
  • It has received 99 “5 star” ratings on
  • It is my book group book—and we’re meeting one week from tonight.
  • I only got it from the library yesterday.
  • In order to participate in the discussion, I must read 94 pages per day. Yikes.

    Who has time to write? (New Year's Resolution #4, is in danger, and it's only the 7th. (Note to self: I think book group has to go, as much as I enjoy it; I must write.)

    Next time it's my turn to choose our book, we're reading this:

    So easy! And so good!

    Dearest Reader: Have you read The Brothers K? Do you remember? (It was published waaaaaay back in 1992.) What did you think?


    Mrs. G. said...

    I haven't read this, but I have showed up to book club without having read the book. Unless I am directly asked whether I read the book, I just try to look mesmerized by the other people's comments, nod my head now and again and say hmmmm.

    You can also go to Amazon and just read the reviews.

    Claire B. said...

    You're good. My problem is the face that gives it away. My "mesmerized" looks like "is she on downers?"

    Nora Bee said...

    I have not read it, and I am too scattered to join a book group. So I'm impressed. You could just read the end...

    Mary Alice said...

    Goodness, 94 pages a day does seem a bit daunting...back in my younger days, (nerdy teens) I could read people under the table. Now ? Not so much, too many distraction. Anyway, I never did read it. In '92 I was sleep deprived with a two year old and a newborn and all I managed were snippets on colic for Dr Mom....but I am interested. Review it for us, will you?

    MLA said...

    Have not read TBK either, but have a suggestion for enjoying "That Old Ace in the Hole". Try the audio version by Arliss Howard. His reading adds that certain je ne sais quoi to her story.

    Claire B. said...

    You know, the audio recording idea is a good one. As I was reading last night (I'm up to page one hundred! And I'll never finish in time!) I decided I needed to quit the group because I cannot fit in all the reading I WANT to do and I'm not writing at all. Why, I asked myself, am I sitting here reading this book when I should be writing my own?

    But the audio idea has real merit. If only my commute was longer than six minutes. Hmmmm. I could listen to the book group book while I'm writing! No. That won't work either. But definitely a good idea.

    Thanks, MLA!

    mla said...

    claire b: quit the book group and concentrate on your own writing so someday we all can read your novel in our book group.

    Claire B. said...

    That'ts exactly what I'm going to do. What the hell took me so long?