Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Photos

On this rare sunny and relatively warm January day in the Pacific Northwest, the late afternoon (3-ish) sun looks lovely in and around my house.

Squirrel Nutcracker
Doesn't work worth a shit darn.
Nuts seen here will never be consumed, but D. had to have them.
We have a whole bagful.

Dreaming of Glory, Same Squirrel
One of these days, I am SO out of here!

Windowsill Rocks

Hiding the dust.

Kidney Stone


Winter Garden

I use the term garden liberally here.

Waiting For Spring

Honey, I know what you mean.

Winter Sky at Sunset

And it's only 3:30!


Mrs. G. said...

These are all pretty, but I particularly like the rocks on the windowsill. That is a cool squirrel too.

Melanie said...

That squirrel is pretty damn cute, even if he's a good-for-nothing nutcracker.

Mary Alice said...

I love a sunny winter gives you hope and rejuvenates, so you can make it through to spring. Nice kidney stone by the way...that must have been a bear to pass :-)

Jo said...

Rocks in the windowsill--brilliant! I am insane about rocks, I am always collecting them and this is an amazing way to display them AND hide dust! You are so smart and just may have started a trend!

Claire B. said...

Thanks Mrs. G. for loving my squirrel. We received it as (I think) a gag-like-gift from some friends a couple Christmases ago and I loved it and immediately put it out on display. They thought I was nuts. (oh, dear)

And thank you Melanie for agreeing with my assessment of him.

And thank you Mary Alice for appearing on my comments. Love to see you here!

And welcome Jo! Glad you like my (lame) decorating tip. Our beaches are filled with beautiful rocks, and I bring home pocketsful every time. I'll have to show you how I use dust bunnies as mantel pieces.

Nora Bee said...

Love those photos! Esp. that sculpture. Nice to have photo-taking weather, eh?